We had been friends for over 30 years, and our dream business started one evening over a glass of wine or two!

We had many things in common one of them being a love of luxury scented candles but, we both hated the hefty price tag that went with them! We both came from a business background, with a wealth of experience behind us and so our journey began…

We wanted to produce a collection of scented products that would make superb quality gifts for everyone to indulge in every day, without the prohibitive price tag and, after two years of research and hard work, we have achieved our vision; Beautiful candles, diffusers and room fragrances hand poured in the UK with no compromise on scent throw, quality, natural ingredients and style whilst remaining totally affordable.

From a small stall at a local bar for friends and family, to trade shows and health clubs, 40DEGREE has continued to thrive during its first year of business.

We hope you love the 40DEGREE collection as much as we do.

With love,

Christine & Janine

Co – Founders